Bob and Alfonzo – The Player Characters

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about gameplay, specifically Bob and Alfonzo and what makes them different. I decided to write a little article to clear things up.

Bob and Alfonzo control very similarly, but have slight differences in their abilities. You will need to use both of them in different situations throughout the game in order to get through each level. The most obvious difference between the two of them is that Alfonzo has a stick, while Bob does not. Alfonzo can use the stick to repel or defeat enemies, so why use Bob at all? Well, the game is about a lot more than defeating enemies.

The biggest advantage Bob has over Alfonzo is his jumping ability. Bob jumps about a half a block higher than Alfonzo, giving him greater mobility when going through levels. Although there are sometimes other ways around this, there are often places that Alfonzo simply cannot reach. However, it doesn’t end there.

There are many snow blocks in the game which are breakable. Either character can break these blocks by jumping and hitting the from underneath. But what about blocks that form a wall, or a floor that needs to be broken? Bob and Alfonzo handle these situations differently too.

Bob can break blocks that he is standing on by punching downward. He can also use this as an attack against a few enemies that are stationary, although it normally won’t be used as an attack.

Alfonzo can break blocks that are beside him by poking them with his stick. However, he can’t punch downwards like Bob. Ducking and using the stick will just make him hold the stick lower as he pokes forward.

So now that you see the different abilities each character has, how are you supposed to choose who to use?

You start every level using Bob. If you want to switch to Alfonzo, you’ll need to find an igloo. Entering the igloo will allow you to switch characters and use Alfonzo. If you’d like to go back to using Bob, just go back into the igloo as Alfonzo.

Most levels have an igloo, but there are a few levels that don’t. For those levels, you have to use Bob no matter what.

Hopefully this clears up any questions that people have had. Just as a note, development is coming along very quickly and I am almost finished the main game. Expect some news about a Kickstarter to fund a production run of NES cartridges soon!


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