The Eskimo Bob and Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure NES games are finally getting a physical re-release through Limited Run Games! Buy them separately, or get the special edition bundle in a cool, Transformers-inspired slip-case! You’ll even snag a free poster with the bundle, so why not? Pre-orders start on May 5, 2023 and last until June […]

Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure is coming to Xbox One/Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on July 30, 2021! Available for preorder NOW on Xbox Games Store and Nintendo eShop! Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure on Xbox Games Store Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure on Nintendo eShop

The first episode of Eskimo Bob was released on January 17, 2001. That means Eskimo Bob’s 20th anniversary takes place in just under two weeks. To celebrate, we will be posting the VHS release of Eskimo Bob on YouTube on January 17, 2021. This video contains episodes 1-18 of Eskimo Bob with enhanced music and […]

I’ve set up a pre-order link for Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure using Celery. Note that there are a few differences between this and the main campaign. Most notably, prices are listed in US$ instead of CA$, so prices may look slightly different for some items, but the value is approximately the same. Shipping is now included in the price […]