As of today, all Eskimo Bob Kickstarter rewards have been shipped. If you backed the Kickstarter and haven’t received your game yet, expect to see it within the next week or two! Pre-orders taken from the Spoony Bard Productions website will be shipped tomorrow. If you have pre-ordered the game, expect shipping confirmation soon. All […]

All of the print materials for Eskimo Bob NES have arrived, and I am now in the process of packaging the cartridges. The game will start shipping next week. I’m so excited that everything has come together so quickly, and I’m extremely proud of the final product! If anyone missed the Kickstarter and would like […]

Today, I received a lovely set of packages in the mail from Infinite NES Lives, the supplier of cartridge shells and PCBs for Eskimo Bob. I am still waiting on labels and packaging materials before I can complete assembly and begin shipping, but things are moving along quickly. When everything arrives and production goes into full […]