Alfonzo Will Be Playable

Instead of showing how the new game will be a straight upgrade from the old version, here’s a look at how things are going to be switched up a bit. Alfonzo will be available as an alternate playable character! Alfonzo controls a little bit differently than Bob. He can move around faster than Bob, but his fish upgrades only go up to 3 instead of 4, so he can’t fire quite as quickly at max power. This also means he takes a bigger offensive hit when he dies, as lowering the firing down from 3 to 2 is a bit more annoying than going from 4 to 3. This isn’t the only difference in using Alfonzo though. He does have his stick as well… I wonder what that could mean… Will Alfonzo be the only other alternate character in this game? I guess we’ll just have to see…

Alfonzo in Game

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