The Eskimo Bob Kickstarter campaign ended successfully this morning, and thanks to your help the original goal of $7,000 was absolutely shattered with a total of $22,140! This is where things really start to get interesting, as I work on producing NES cartridges and making the PC version of the game available. Thank you so much to everyone […]

We are down to the final 48 hours of the Eskimo Bob NES Kickstarter campaign! Thanks to everyone who has backed us so far, we’re well over 270% of the $7,000 goal! Wow! It’s been an amazing success so far, and there is still time to get involved. Check it out by following the link […]

I have just launched a Kickstarter for the Eskimo Bob NES game! Eskimo Bob for the NES is an arcade-style puzzle-platformer with 64 levels, 15 enemy types, two playable characters, two support characters, and a fully functional password system allowing you to save your progress the good old-fashioned way. I wanted to be sure that this […]

I’ve just released a demo of the Eskimo Bob NES game which includes the first 8 levels of the game. Hopefully that’s just enough to give you a tiny taste of the game and leave you wanting some more. Check out the demo right here!