I have just launched a¬†Kickstarter for the Eskimo Bob NES game! Eskimo Bob for the NES is an arcade-style puzzle-platformer with 64 levels, 15 enemy types, two playable characters, two support characters, and a fully functional password system allowing you to save your progress the good old-fashioned way. I wanted to be sure that this […]

I’ve just released a demo of the Eskimo Bob NES game which includes the first 8 levels of the game. Hopefully that’s just enough to give you a tiny taste of the game and leave you wanting some more. Check out the demo right here!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about gameplay, specifically Bob and Alfonzo and what makes them different. I decided to write a little article to clear things up. Bob and Alfonzo control very similarly, but have slight differences in their abilities. You will need to use both of them in different situations throughout the […]

The Eskimo Bob game is not dead! Far from it, it’s just nearly unrecognisable from it’s former form. Development has shifted to the NES, and the game is now a platformer instead of a shooter. The result is something that is way more true to the spirit of Eskimo Bob. Development is coming along quickly, […]

It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought it could be fun to introduce you all to some new enemies that you will be killing mercilessly in the upcoming Eskimo Bob game! First off, we have an electric eel. This guy will show up in an underwater stage early in the game… […]