Eskimo Bob NES Game

Eskimo Bob is an 8-bit arcade-style puzzle-platformer available for play on the NES and PC.

One day, Bob and Alfonzo notice that the Seal has gone missing. Concerned by this, our heroes set out to find their friend. Only you can help Bob and Alfonzo navigate their way through sixty-four puzzling levels of action, collecting fish and battling bosses along the way!

Try the demo version of the game here!

Eskimo Bob NES Demo powered by NESBox


Control Pad [Arrow Keys] Left or Right: Move Bob or Alfonzo left or right.
Control Pad Up: Enter doors or igloos.
Control Pad Down: Duck. You can walk or jump while ducking.
A Button [Z Key]: Jump. Tap the button for a short jump, or hold to jump higher.
B Button [X Key]: Perform character-specific action. Bob can punch downward while ducking. Alfonzo pokes with his stick.
Start Button [Enter]: Pause the game and display your password. Press again to resume gameplay.
Select Button [Space]: Press this while the game is paused to restart the level at the cost of one life.

If you’d prefer to play using an emulator or flash cartridge of your choice, you can download the .NES ROM here.